A revolutionary new approach to fast track your guitar playing. Guitar Bootcamps deliver results, with a live learning experience like no other.

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What is a Guitar Bootcamp?

Our Vision

A truly unique guitar experience


A new way to fast track your guitar playing with one-day intensive masterclasses. Got an area of your playing you want to fix? It could be a technique, theory, soloing, whatever the challenge our bootcamps deliver results.


Jam in real time with the greatest tutors, test your new skills and knowledge with tests as you go, interact and have your questions answered plus follow things up with a dedicated support.


Each bootcamp tackles the most common guitar goals head on, full beans. No more grey areas, no more mystery! Receive all backing tracks along with TAB and Guitar Pro files, advanced resources and more.

Our Approach

Curated, created and presented by leading professional educators.

At Guitar Bootcamps, we have spent years getting to know guitar players like you - how you learn and develop what drives us.

Upcoming Bootcamps 

Master Modes in a Day

Saturday 14th January 2023 | 14:00 - 18:00 GMT

Unlock the mysteries of the modes, simplified and mastered in a 4 hour live workshop. No more confusing fretboard charts and theory - learn to hear, recognise and create the sound of the modes; elevating your guitar playing and musicianship in one hit!

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Years of progress in a single day.

Presenting Guitar Bootcamps, a new way to fast track your guitar playing with one day intensive masterclasses. Got an area of your playing you want to fix? It could be a technique, theory, soloing. How about getting to know your fretboard better?

If you’re like most players, you have probably been striving to improve these for some time, right? Wouldn’t it be great to get a handle on your guitar goals in a single day and move on to the next challenge?


"It was a great fun experience and although I have been playing for a while it introduced me to information I did not know or realize."

- Jason Bell

"The Boot Camps I have attended have improved my knowledge of the fretboard, my ability to voice chords and solos, and most importantly given me direction in my practice! I can't thank you guys enough and look forward to more!"

- Dave W

"For me guitar is now about having fun as I don't play out anymore, but Danny's boot camp has made playing more fun, and in one half day session given me more new information than I learned in the entire pandemic over the last two years. Great player, great guy, great info, and great fun!"

- Dave Russell

The Guitar School

Take control of your guitar playing with these comprehensive bootcamps.

Rock Improvisation Fast Track

Put yourself in control of your solos.

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Better Soloing For Life 

This bootcamp gives you the power to take control of your guitar solos.

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Play Faster in a Day

Transforms your guitar speed in one Live Workshop with results that last a lifetime.

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Lean your fretboard in a Day

Learn pro tricks and shortcuts to revolutionise your playing.

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